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Census of Lubuk Chupak Village Aborigines

The Lubuk Chupak Village is located at Lenggong, Perak 5km from the main road. The aborigines from this village have three different tribes identity which are Temiar, Lanoh and Jahai. Due to intermarriage, these 3 tribes happen to live together as a community. Now they are facing cultural genocide where their culture, art, language, practices and history are being killed. The deprivation of basic needs is also the biggest issue that they are currently facing.

Our team has conducted a census to determine the total population, age, gender, race/tribe, occupation, education,   unemployment & dependency of the community. Through this census, we manage to identify the total population of aborigines in the village where there are 32 family consists of 117 people. We also discover that most of the young adults were unemployed and none of the children is getting a proper education.

The village was established in the 1980s but it was not properly taken care of as most of the houses were impaired. The utility infrastructure such as electricity, water supply & wastewater management and medical care were in a deprived stage. Moreover, the COVID-19 Pandemic has put their situation near to the edge of poverty since early 2020 as the unemployment rate is almost 100%.


Census Forecast of Aborigines from Lubuk Chupak Village 

Age Range.png
Income of Breadwinner.png
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