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Seed Bank & Nursery

Seed bank is important to preserve the genetic diversity of trees in the future. It is also a way to increase the number of plant species, especially the endangered tree species. Bambusa Foundation is driving towards preserving the tree species in this Social Forestry Program by conducting soil seed bank and tree seed bank in our Conservation area. Indigenous people will be the seed gatherers from Mother plant and nurture them in the nursery.  


In soil seed banks, the wilding technique will be used for the production of subsequent generations of plants. The process involves collecting the seedlings that have been sprouted surrounding the mother plant. Meanwhile, the method of conducting a tree seed bank is by identifying the progeny of mother plants for seed selection. The seeds will be collected from the tree when they are still on bearing at trees. Later, both the seeds & seedlings will be nurtured and managed at the nursery to ensure that their growth is fully monitored. Through this initiative, the seed dormancy of plant species can be enhanced.  


Tissue culture is an alternative method to grow a plant species under controlled environmental conditions in a sterile growth medium. Usually, the tissue culture technique is used on the seeds that are hard to be germinated through the conventional method. To support the survival of the endangered tree species, we took an initiative by propagating them through tissue culture technique. Tree Repository Plantlet Germplasm Bank will be set up through the tissue culture technique by propagating Native Timber, Bamboo, Medicinal Plants and endangered rare Orchids via in vitro techniques. 

The nurtured plantlets will be replanted back into the forest after reaching juvenile stage. Through tree planting initiatives, the fragmented forest can be re-establish and restored to its natural glory. The aim is to regenerate back the logged-over forest and subsequently restore the Native Endangered Tree Species in the Forest. To help the regeneration of the forest, 700, 000 trees will be planted in the PIAH Forest Reserve. According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) Red List, Malaysia has 686 endangered plant species as of 2007. Thus, the Indigenous and Native tree species will be planted in the Forest Reserve to preserve their species from extinction.

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seedbank 2.png
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