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Medical Research Laboratory

Bambusa Foundation is setting up a research laboratory to validate the efficacy, safety and therapeutic effects of the ethnobotanical plant and produce medicine from them. Medical research is important to design and evaluate new therapeutic interventions. The ethnobotanical plants need to go through two phases of research which are primary (basic, clinical, epidemiological) and secondary research. The importance to conduct these researches is to improve consumer safety that can facilitate improved clinical outcomes.

We will conduct a study on lifestyle disease prevention by using medicinal plants from the forest. A team of Ethnopharmacologist specialized in Ethnobotany, Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Toxicology will validate ethnobotanical plants that can prevent lifestyle diseases. The aborigines will help the scientists in this process by collecting and gathering the herbal plants.

There will be a private disease preventive treatment centre called Phytotherapy Retreat as a rehab centre for patients with lifestyle diseases.

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