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Bambusa Foundation is a non-profitable organization on a mission of conducting Forest Conservation. We implement our Conservation works at a small fragment of Central Forest Spine located in  PIAH Forest Reserve, Kuala Kangsar District, Ipoh, Perak. It is located amidst a landscape dominated by logging and forest plantation activities which usually lead to habitat destruction thus reducing the diversity of Flora and Fauna. The objective of acquiring this land of logged-over forest for 50 years is to ensure that our Conservation initiatives can be verified and audited.

Our Location

Our Location

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Piah Forest Reserve provides countless benefits for the surrounding ecosystem. It gives clean water & air, shelter for the wildlife and resources for surrounding community. Piah Forest Reserve is part of the Wildlife Corridor in the Titiwangsa Range’s Central Forest Spine (CFS) forest complex, which is also in the network of Environmentally Sensitive Areas that need to restored and protected.



Forest plays a crucial role in life continuity of community that lives at the fringe of the forest. The Forest Conservation activity within the Piah Forest Reserve can absorb the effects from surrounding logging operations. Through this effort, it will improve socioeconomic and ecological benefits. We are working to assure balance is restored to forest ecosystems and the local communities that depend on them.

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