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Be A Guardian of Our
Protect, Restore, Conserve Initiative


Malaysia is a megadiversity country with uncountable number of species constituting terrestrial ecosystem that all of us treasured as our National Capital, Resources & Heritage. The loss of biodiversity is one of the greatest environmental challenges that we face today. In Malaysia logging, agriculture, palm oil and rubber development have all contributed to increase Forest Fragmentation & Species Loss.

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Forest fragmentation has the following consequences:

  • Reduction Of Forest Cover.

  • Loss Of Flora & Fauna.

  • Damage To The Water Catchment And River System.

  • Loss Of Tourism Development Resource & National Natural Heritage.

  • Elimination Of Potential Medicinal Resources.

  • Resources Loss For Education & Research.

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Protect, Restore, Conserve (PRC) Program


Bambusa Foundation is advocating the Protect, Restore, Conserve (PRC) Program. In this PRC program, there are several components that will be carried out to enhance the forest ecosystem. The objective of this program is to reduce the Forest Fragmentation, prevent Forest Degradation, Replanting, Conserve Biodiversity and conducting Forestry Research.


PRC Initiatives

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Protect the forest from further degradation and establish a corridor linking the forest fragment in the oldest rainforest of Central Forest Spine (CFS).

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Restoring previously degraded ecosystems through replanting trees to provide essential habitat for threatened flora & fauna species.

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Secure the forest habitat and land for a multitude of species as a Nature Reserve for all time. 

PRC Deliverables

Policy Support & Advocacy
PRC Deliverables
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