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Join & Support Our Stray Cat Shelter Program

“Save the Tigers, Play with Cats”


House cat share 95.6% of their genetic makeup with Tigers!


Tigers are endangered species that are threatened due to over logging activities, open cast mining, fragmentation of their migration route, depleting of their food source and excessive poaching which is causing their extinction


Cats are domesticated animal and meant to be in an enclosed space

We are encouraging you to care and adopt a cat as your friendly companion


Leave tigers in the wild where they belong

Cat Facts & History

  • Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world & there are over 500 million domestic cats.

  • Cats and humans have been associated for nearly 10,000 years. 

(French archaeologist discovered a 9,500 year old cat grave in Cyprus. This make this the oldest known pet cat and it predates Egyptian art about cats by over 4,000 years!)

  • An orange tabby cat called Stubbs was the mayor of Talkeetna, a small town in Alaska for 20 years!

  • On October 18th 1963 a cat went to space

(Felicette also known as “Astrocat” was the first and only to go to space)

  • Maria Assunta left her cat, Tomasso, her entire $13 million fortune when she died in 2011.

  • President Bill Clinton’s cat, Socks was a media darling during the Clinton administration and was said to receive more letters than the President himself.


Stubbs the cat mayor


Felicette the Astrocat


Socks Bill Clinton’s cat

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