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Native Tree Species - Heavy Hardwoods


Native Tree Species - Medium Hardwoods


Native Tree Species - Light Hardwoods


Native Tree Species - Softwoods


Trees & Its Benefit

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Trees provide clean air by producing oxygen, intercepting airborne particulates, and reducing smog, enhancing a community’s respiratory health. Trees also sequester (CO2), reducing the overall concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

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Trees help with water filtration. It improves water quality by slowing rain as it falls to the Earth, and helping it soak into the soil. Then, they serve as natural sponges, collecting and filtering rainfall and releasing it slowly into streams and rivers. As result, we got clean drinking water! Tree is also important as it controls hydrology pattern of the earth.  

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Tree provides for multiple living organisms in the forest from the small fungi to the large elephant. It holds the soil and keeps them in place from running off into the river. Moreover, it protects the ecosystem of the river & prevents floods from happening.

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