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Music Video

One of our initiatives in Social Forestry is to produce a music video along with Aboriginal children from Lubuk Chupak Village, Lenggong, Perak. These children are the group that is affected the most because of socioeconomic disparity in the community. They didn’t get a formal education & their basic needs are deprived. Thus, Bambusa Foundation aims to provide opportunities and mediums for the children to polish and express their talent in singing and dancing. With their talent, they can generate income for themselves and the community in Lubuk Chupak Village. 

Aborigines are facing a major cultural crisis where their art, music and dance are slowly disappearing due to modernization. So, it is important to record the culture of aborigines, so it can be preserved and the public will be more aware of the community. Moreover, through this video production, we are making aborigines an important figure to deliver the forest conservation message and spread awareness among the public.

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