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Protect, Restore, Conserve (PRC)

Malaysia is a megadiversity country with uncountable number of species constituting terrestrial ecosystem that all of us treasured as our National Capital, Resources & Heritage. The loss of biodiversity is one of the greatest environmental challenges that we face today. In Malaysia logging, agriculture, palm oil and rubber development have all contributed to increase Forest Fragmentation & Species Loss.

Tree Cover Loss in Malaysia.gif

From 2001 to 2020, Malaysia lost 2.73Mha of humid primary forest, making up 32% of its  total tree cover loss in the same time period - (Source : Global Forest Watch)

Deforestation has the following consequences:

  • Reduction Of Forest Cover.

  • Loss Of Flora & Fauna.

  • Damage To The Water Catchment And River System.

  • Loss Of Tourism Development Resource & National Natural Heritage.

  • Elimination Of Potential Medicinal Resources.

  • Resources Loss For Education & Research.



Protect the forest from further degradation and establish a corridor linking the forest fragment in the oldest rainforest of Central Forest Spine (CFS).



Restoring previously degraded ecosystems through replanting trees to provide essential habitat for threatened flora & fauna species.



Securing the forest habitat and land for a multitude of species as a Nature Reserve for all time. 

  • Our Tropical Rainforest is the Thermostat of the Earth 

  • The Forest absorbs massive amounts of solar radiation helping regulate temperature. 

  • Taken together, these processes help to stabilize Earth's Climate.

  • Rainforests also help to maintain the world's water cycle, rainfall, humidity, temperature 

  • Absorbs carbon dioxide and provide as with oxygen 

Bambusa Foundation's Forest Conservation campaign with a twist: #myTree

First #myTree offering : 500 Trees

Unit price for 1 years : RM 100 / USD 24

Unit price for 5 years : RM 500/ USD 120

(Minimum Adoption: 5 years)

  • Contributors pay to OWN A TREE and preventing it from being cut down and logged for 50 years through our Protect, Restore & Conserve (PRC) Initiatives.


  • Each and every one of these trees will be "sold" in which the owner of the #myTree essentially owns the tree.

  • All transaction and ownership records will be supported by a digital contract agreement. 

  • Every tree will be geo-tagged and assigned a unique #myTree cryptographic code. Each Tree has it's own fingerprint 


Bambusa Foundation with it's collaboration with it's partner Bambusa Sdn Bhd has a 50-year rights and access to land and resources to this concession from the Perak State Forestry Department. 

Help us to make a difference, by owning #myTree you are saving a fragment of the PIAH Forest Reserve the Oldest Tropical Rainforest (130 million years old) and its ecosystem. 

Fragmented Forest

Forest range needed to be Protected, Restored & Conserved

  • A team of Rangers will conduct the plotting of tree species at PIAH Forest Reserve and do selection of trees for adoption.  

  • Later each adopted trees are tagged to mark their exact location and obtain real-time access of their condition


Tree Plotting


The 2D Map of Coordinate Tree Species at Piah Forest Reserve

orang-asli-lubuk-chupak .png

Poverty Alleviation - By engaging Community living in & around the Forest 

Empowering Communities - By raising Awareness, Capacity Building, Rights to Education, Rights & Access to Land & Resources

Implementation of Technology - Annual large-scale remote sensing survey of the forest

Lidar 3.png
Lidar Tech Analysis.png

Seed Bank, Nursery & Tissue Culture Lab - Seed bank is important to ensure the sustainability of the Forest Ecosystem

State Government - Annual land lease/premium fees to the Perak State Government 

forest-fragmentation .png

To reduce the fragmented forest from deforestation, reduction of forest cover, loss of Flora & Fauna, damage to the water catchment and river system. 

Offsetting CO2 Emission 

tiger-in-river .jpg

Create Wildlife Refuge - taking into account all undomesticated lifeforms including birds, insects, plants, fungi, and even microscopic organisms.

Protecting the Pollinator - Virtually all of the world's seed plants need to be pollinated.

Preserve the endangered dipterocarp & non-dipterocarp tree species.jpg

Protecting Endangered Tree Species 

"Orang Asli" Community - Giving them Rights and Access to Land & Resources.


Once you Own #myTree, you will receive Tree Adoption Certificate, CO2 Reduction Certificate and Digital Painting of your Tree within 30 Days of the Tree Adoption.


Map showing the location of your tree with GPS Coordinates and the original picture of your tree

Tree Art .jpeg

Each owner will receive an original digital oil painting or watercolor of their Tree. 


A mature tree stores 20 tons of CO2 in its lifetime. By adopting a mature tree you are preserving stored carbon from being released to the atmosphere.

Bambusa Foundation works towards achieving all the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) set by the United Nation in our campaign. 

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