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Non Timber Forest Cultivation 

The next initiative of Social Forestry Program is setting up a Collection Centre of Non Timber Forest Products that include Bamboo & Herbaceous Plants from the Forest. Indigenous people will become the gatherers to collect all Non-Timber Forest produce especially Bamboo and make it into commercialized products. The fabrics that is made from bamboo will be designed into fashionable clothes.

Further initiative under this program is to establish a Bamboo Academy in Lenggong, Perak. This academy will give an opportunity to the University & Local Community College students majoring in Art & Craft including Indigenous people to learn about Creative Craftmanship made from Bamboo. With the Knowledge and Skill, they are able to generate their income. The craft work will be displayed and commercialized under brand named Lubuk Chupak at Laman Budaya, Lenggong, Perak. 

Moreover, Indigenous people will share their Ethnobotanical knowledge and document it as a Heritage Information. The aim of this initiative is to verify the effectiveness of Herbaceous Plants to be used as potential Medicine to treat Ailments. 

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