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Wound Care Recovery Program 

Giving Life a Second Chance !

The Mission of this Wound Care Recovery Program is to eliminate pain, loss of limbs, amputations, deformity and even death through free, timely and compassionate wound treatment and care; and thus improve quality of life for those who could otherwise not afford it. This program was initiated by our Honorable Chairman of Bambusa Foundation : Tan Sri Haji Musa bin Tan Sri Haji Hassan. The service aims to treat people who cannot afford to pay for dressing and treatment for their wounds.

"It is very important to treat wounds effectively, especially at the initial stage, otherwise gangrene may develop. It saddens us that many cannot afford this important treatment. We hope this program will relieve the burden of family  members who have to care for their loved ones who are sick and  in need" - Tan Sri Haji Musa 

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Dr. Noor Tresor Nature Spray
Natural Herbal Formulation - Product of Malaysia 

The Miracle Natural Herb was developed by Dr. Noor using the law of Science and Nature. Dr. Noor Tresor Natural Spray kills bacteria on the skin and helps prevent cuts, burns, insect bites, and helps wound healing. In addition to assisting in treating foot rot (especially diabetic wounds / AIDS wounds / elderly back ulcers). Dr. Noor Tresor Natural spray can also help burn wounds. It repairs micro blood vessels, restores wounds, expels pus, detoxifies and disinfects bacteria. This Natural Spray also treats other effects alike skin spots, itchy body, skin allergies, mosquito bites and pus wounds. 

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